What's in it for Me?

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So, what's in it for me (I mean you)...

Isn't it funny how many different things can lead to pain?  Sitting or standing for too long.  Spending considerable time working on the computer, such as at work.  Driving.  Leisure activities, such as taking a nice hike or sleeping on the ground while camping.  I don't know about you, but I definitely don't enjoy those mornings when I wake up and wonder how I managed to hurt myself while sleeping!  

The most obvious cause of pain would be an acute injury, such as from an automobile collision, playing sports, or an event at work.  However, issues can also accumulate over time, perhaps due to certain repetitive work activities or due to a medical condition, which can result in discomfort.  How about chronic stress?  I know first-hand that stress can cause major health issues, including pain.  

Massage therapy can help with many of these situations.  I routinely treat people with injuries (such as back and neck pain from a car accident), chronic pain (such as low back pain that has been going on for years with no specific known cause), and stress (which can cause headaches).  Injury treatment, pain management, and stress management all involve different approaches which combine different massage styles, such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and trigger point therapy.  I combine the various massage modalities in which I am trained to customize a treatment to work with your specific needs. 

The goal is always to improve or restore your quality of life.